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A highly focused conference


Hear from peers who are practicing IK/CK


Keynotes with deep lessons learned


Live IK and CK practice for all attendees

Download Your Kata Zine

What is a “Zine”?
It’s a “mini magazine,” and in this case, one that
conveys some basic elements of Toyota Kata.
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Are you ready for this?

KATA-LOGO-NEWCalling all Improvement Kata / Coaching Kata practitioners, and those who would like to be! The first-ever Kata Summit, or KataCon, is in the books and the community readies itself for KataCon 2! Whether you were part the first Summit or not, here’s your chance to connect or reconnect with the rapidly growing world of Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata users. The Summit emphasizes experiential learning so practitioners, trainers and consultants can integrate practice of the IK/CK routines into their teams and organizations. This conference goes beyond concepts by equipping attendees to train and practice at home.

  • The conference will build on the foundation facilitated by Mike Rother and Bill Costantino.
  • All participants will practice the IK and CK live.
  • Keynotes from leading figures in the IK/CK community.
  • Hear reports from experienced IK/CK practitioners.
  • Pick up tips for your practice and beyond.
  • All attendees will take home the very latest “IK/CK Practice Kit”.
  • And more!

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