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2018 Kata Summit  aka KataCon4

February 22-23, 2018    |    Atlanta, GA

The annual event with information, resources, networking & support
for Kata practitioners, and those who would like to be!

Kata information, resources, networking, and support, all in one place.

Learn from experienced keynoters, peers, experiential exercises, topic deep-dives, and pre-conference workshops.

Meet Mike Rother, author of Toyota Kata, the Toyota Kata Practice Guide, Toyota Kata Culture, and Learning to See.

Connect with many Kata practitioners.

Explore the role of the manager as a coach, and daily coaching for skill development.

Learn about aligning an organization by establishing a common, scientific way of working.

Learn about application and deployment of IK/CK in a variety of business sectors.

Get the latest Kata lessons learned.

Management lessons from brain science, especially in relation to practicing Kata for developing new habits of thinking and acting.

Main Conference:  February 22 – 23, 2018 in Atlanta

Pre-conf. workshops:    February 21, 2018 in Atlanta

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