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Lean Meets IT: How KATA Can Help!

Today’s world of goods and services runs on software. Enterprises that deliver software rapidly and support and maintain software reliably enjoy a truly sustainable advantage. As a Lean practitioner, how can you engage your IT department to improve your organization’s products and processes? And how can you share what you’ve learned about Lean and the Toyota Kata with your colleagues in IT?

Find out how to combine your Lean knowledge and the Toyota Kata to foster ongoing, coordinated, improvement in a software environment. Knowledge work – such as software development – differs from manufacturing, production, and services work in several important ways, so the first step is learning to speak to relevant issues in terms that everybody understands. Once you can translate, you’ll be able to generate quick wins and generate excitement by integrating the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata with familiar Agile methods. And by helping leaders at all levels become aware of their processes starting from the bottom up you will enable them to see their place in the value stream and improve the enterprise work system overall.

In this session, you will learn…

  • Why knowledge work is different from production work and how to modify your use of the Toyota Kata accordingly
  • How to communicate with software delivery teams and their leaders about Lean concepts and the Toyota Kata
  • Practical techniques for gaining traction with the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata in the IT department and continuing change and improvement once you’ve gotten started

Adam Light

Adam Light

Adam Light is Management Consultant and Principal at SocioTech where he helps technology leaders use Lean and Agile methods to build innovative high-performing organizations. Working mainly with enterprise clients, Adam focuses on pragmatic techniques that increase organizational capacity by improving leadership capability. He helps people learn to think and act differently by deepening their understanding and building their skills.

Adam began his career as a software developer before becoming a manager of projects and people and has more than 20 years of technology experience.  He first experienced the power of Lean and Agile methods as Director of Planning and Program Management at TransUnion. Since 2008, Adam has grown his consulting practice by seeking knowledge of new and better management methods at every opportunity. His search led to the Toyota Kata and he’s been helping IT departments use the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata since 2014.