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Kata and Connectedness

I will share my organization’s recent experiment with bringing the kata routines to a Rapid Improvement Event format and how this experiment fostered connections of many kinds.  These included:

  • connecting strategic organization-level goals to process-level goals,
  • connecting our weekly kata format to an event-based improvement format, and
  • connecting the practice of kata to our organization’s vision.

I will share how these connections supported our practice of the improvement kata, the development of coaches, and how they deepened my understanding of why practicing the kata as a means to achieve challenges is so effective.


In this session you will learn …

  • a possible model for using the kata during Rapid Improvement Events (RIEs)
  • how using this model can serve as a springboard for kata practice following the event
  • how practicing the kata may help  develop other traits shared by effective leaders

Amy Mervak

Amy Mervak

Amy Mervak is the Chief Quality and Compliance Officer for Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan (HCSWM).  She introduced Lean principles to the organization in 2010. As a member of HCSWM’s senior leadership team and the internal Lean expert, Amy has worked to make Lean practices part of the organization’s fabric.  She earned her Master of Public Health degree from Yale University.  Amy is also a jazz pianist with a deep love for improvisational music.  She resides in Kalamazoo, Michigan.