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Kata at Home

 With the continuing growth of lean thinking, it is more important than ever that our children (no matter what they ultimately choose as a profession) start learning about lean as kids. This will create a culture where there is no longer a stigmatism toward Lean. The Improvement Kata is the tool we need to use to achieve that goal.

This is the process I am implementing in my own home. We set challenges as a family and then work toward reaching them through collecting data and then experimenting toward a future state. By encouraging my own children to follow this pattern, they have the opportunity to practice a scientific routine that will become second nature to them over time while working to improve the day-to-day processes they currently face.


In this session, you will learn…

  • Potential benefits in teaching your family Kata
  • Why Kata is important to Lean
  • Scientific thinking and kids

Jeremiah Davis

Jeremiah Davis

Jeremiah Davis is a Manufacturing Engineer at A-dec, Inc. (an Oregon-based manufacturer of dental equipment – chairs, cabinets, delivery systems and dental lights), with a primary focus on coaching and training.  He started his lean journey in 1998 with Climax Portable Machine Tools and has been practicing Improvement Kata since 2011.  Since then, he has had the opportunity to develop and lead training programs for dozens of individuals.  Though he knows he is still in the early stages of learning, he has ignited a new culture and mindset change that continues to grow across A-dec.  Jeremiah continues teaching the belief that struggles and obstacles are just opportunities to learn and grow.  The Improvement and Coaching Kata patterns are so ingrained in Jeremiah that he has successfully transferred this thinking to his home life.