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Kata in the Classroom


Scientific thinking is a life skill. It’s the basis for creativity and successfully pursuing seemingly unattainable goals. The Kata in Classroom exercise makes it a teachable skill that anyone can learn — by combining a simple scientific striving pattern with practice routines called Kata — and helps you teach meta-cognitive strategies

KiC, is a hands-on activity, which only takes 50 minutes to run. The simulation is run successfully by teachers in school but also in business settings. In the simulations the participants are involved in experimenting and learning through working with a puzzle in a number of short intensive rounds. They will follow the Improvement Kata and train a simple coaching kata and will through this exercise train new behaviors in an effective and fun way.


In this session you will …

  • A 50-minute hands-on activity that involves student teams to understand systematic scientific thinking
  • How to teach and coach your student to create creativity
  • The basic thinking and benefits behind Improvement Kata

Group Facilitator

Pia Anhede is an acknowledged leader in the area of implementing lean, organizational change and creating system of continuous improvement with sustainable results. Her main focus is building capability through an integration of training, implementing and coaching closely with clients. Pia has been working in a broad range of industries both in manufacturing, service, public sector, schools and healthcare. She has been involved in a wide range of large-scale improvements in over 15 countries and her clients have included TetraPak and its supply chain suppliers, SKF, Volvo Cars, Volvo Trucks, Gambro (Swedish Lean Prize Winner 2013), IKEA, Scania, Swedish Television, Skåne University Hospital. She has extensive training in improvement tools and methods from both Japanese experts (JMAC, Shingijutsu, Gemba Research and at Toyota) and global Lean experts (Mike Rother, Jeff Liker, Peter Hines, John Seddon, Steven Spear, etc) in over 20 years. She has written numerous articles, co-written books and developed and run numerous on-the-job workshop training of both top management and shop floor personnel. She has developed and delivered different Lean management games (Lean Production, Supply Chain, Lean Knowledge Builder and Lean Development) and trained well over 400 people and organizations in Europe and Asia in 10 languages.

Joakim Hillberg is an aknoweldged lean expert, whose focus is building lean capabilities through integrating training and coaching. Since 1991, Joakim has been involved in lean transformations in over 15 countries in a multitude of sectors from heavy industry, television shows to healthcare and schools. Together with Pia Anhede he runs the boutique consultancy Revere AB and proudly have two clients who have won the Swedish Lean Price. He has trained with lean experts in and from Japan and beyond. He has written articles, co-written books, and developed a multitude of on-the-job workshop trainings for Sweden’s largest lean training organization since over 10 years. As part of the training Joakim and Pia have developed and used several lean management games and trained well over 400 game facilitators and organizations in Europe and Asia. Joakim has been chairman, active on the board and contributing to Lean Forum from the start, Lean Forum is a Swedish non-profit with over 5,000 members. He has an MSc from Chalmers and an MBA from INSEAD.