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IK Step 1: The Importance of Challenge


Julie Simmons served as the NWHPEC Executive Director for 14 years. In this role, she developed one of the country’s best consortium models.  She built relationships with top lean experts throughout the county, providing the Portland region with access to the latest concepts and foundational capabilities required to build a lean culture. The expertise she gained using the Improvement Kata and Coaching Kata has earned Julie the title of the Pacific NW’s “Kata Coach”.

Prior to joining NWHPEC in 2004, Julie spent 14 years with The Boeing Company and held roles, such as Flight Line Expeditor, Shortage Controller, Supply Chain Analyst, and Manufacturing Process Analyst. During her years as a Manufacturing Process Analyst, Julie learned and developed her Lean thinking skills, became a Certified Accelerated Improvement Workshop leader, and had several opportunities to work with the Shingijutsu Consulting Firm in formal Kaizen events.

Scott Simmons is the Vice President of Manufacturing and Global Supply Chain for Leupold+Stevens in Beaverton, OR.  With 32 years of manufacturing experience in a variety of roles, Scott understands his role as an executive leader is to teach, develop, and equip people with the skills to handle complex challenges.  On a personal note, Scott is a lifelong archer, hunter and shooter, having begun these pursuits as a teenager.  In his spare time he enjoys riding bicycles and motorcycles, participating in 3-gun events, sampling fine wines, and traveling the world with his wife.