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Coaching & Teaching: We’re all Learning at the Storyboard

I want to present about this because as an adult educator:

– I see coaching a learner through the steps and storyboard documents of  the IK as a parallel process to teaching a CI mindset / thinking habit. This teaching aspect requires attention to the individual learner and the moving edge of their conceptual framework about CI principles and methods and about whatever process they are studying.

-I have ideas and examples to offer about differentiated instruction at the storyboard. We have to really pay attention to the person and all their verbal and non-verbal communication to teach. Learners show us the edge of what they know, and what ideas they put together meaningfully in what they say and do.  Coaches who are also deliberate teachers will find a learner’s teachable knowledge threshold in the obstacle list, the experiment form and the way the learner speaks, (tone of voice, wording, questions or comments).

– Adults often mistake themselves as good examples of how other people learn.  Helping Kata Coaches understand that they might not be a standard learner, and that listening, observing and interacting with a learner is part of puzzling over how to best coach and teach each person, these are some of the reasons I want to present about the Coaching Kata.


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