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Your Kata Summit Hosts…

Each year we name KataCon hosts who become “caretakers” of the coming KataCon. We’re excited to announce long-time Kata Geeks and former presenters, Dorsey Sherman of Modèle Consulting and Gene Boyd of Engagement Solutions LLC.

From your hosts…

“My experience with Katacon has been one of incredible learning, growth and reflection. I always bring a blank 70 sheet notebook, and when I leave, it is filled with my thoughts, notes and ideas that I pick up during the two days. It is a great chance to connect with people and to hear things that you’ve read before, but resonate in a new way. I am honored to host Katacon6. I hope it can be as much of an inspiration for others as it is for me.”

– Dorsey Sherman

“The Kata Summit was a game changer for me. It’s where people meet and learn. The Improvement Kata is now my “go to” for driving change in everything I do.”

– Gene Boyd

What is KataCon?

KataCon (or the Kata Summit) is the annual gathering place for Toyota Kata Geeks across North America and around the globe. It’s where the “convinced” and the “curious” gather to share what they’re learning, freely and enthusiastically. There is an interesting mix of short keynotes, hands-on breakout sessions, intensive deep dives, and mini-updates from a variety of practitioners, industries, and applications. Navigate the menu above to see the agenda, or go there now.

The Kata community is known as a sharing community. So come with questions, and if you have them, answers, because at KataCon we’re ALL learners and coaches.


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