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The photo above is of the annual “Kata Geek Meetup,” just one of the many features of KataCon. During the Meetup, a series of short presentations by experienced practitioners are given with audience questions and input. It’s a great way to kick off a couple of days of learning with bonus learning and networking. Make sure to plan your trip to KataCon7 so that you can attend the Kata Geek Meetup on Wednesday, March 10th at 4:00PM.

What is KataCon?

KataCon (or the Kata Summit) is the annual gathering place for Toyota Kata Geeks across North America and around the globe. It’s where the “convinced” and the “curious” gather to share what they’re learning, freely and enthusiastically. There is an interesting mix of short keynotes, hands-on breakout sessions, intensive deep dives, and mini-updates from a variety of practitioners, industries, and applications. Navigate the menu above to see the agenda, or go there now.

The Kata community is known as a sharing community. So come with questions, and if you have them, answers, because at KataCon we’re ALL learners and coaches.


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