The Kata DOJO: Develop World Class Coaches

Summary and Objectives

The number of Coaches in a company, and especially their coaching ability, is a crucial factor in reaching challenging targets and making continuous improvement a habit. This is why many organizations have established the role of the 2nd Coach for observing coaching cycles and giving feedback to Coaches. Unfortunately, we still see coaching skills develop slowly and even stagnating at times. This is where the Kata Dojo supports with a quicker and more effective approach. It is a training setup that offers a deliberate way to develop new Coaches and continuously improve the ability of the established ones.
Read about Pia’s Kata Dojo experience:

In this session you will learn …

·        How to improve a Coaches ability fast.

·        How to deliberately practice the Coaching Kata by participating in a multi round Kata Dojo exercise.

·        How to built your own Kata Dojo specific for the situation in your company.

Who should attend: Kata Coaches wishing to improve their ability to coach. 2nd Coaches and internal TK trainers looking for a method to train Coaches more effectively.


Important: Participants have to be familiar with Toyota Kata and have personal coaching experience as no introduction to Toyota Kata will be given. This is a hands on workshop.

Group Facilitator

Tilo Schwarz is a European Management Trainer and Kata Coach. He supports managers in improving their coaching ability to develop the problem solving ability of their teams and reach challenging targets. He works with organizations that want to establish a culture of self-driven continuous improvement and innovation. Between 2006 and 2013, being plant manager at Festool, a power tool manufacturer in Germany, he introduced the Toyota Kata as the main problem solving and management pattern. Together with his management team he established continuous improvement as a daily habit throughout the plant. This led to winning the 2008 A. T. Kearny manufacturing competition “Plant of the Year“ and a second place in the WHU/INSEAD contest “Industrial Excellence Award” in 2011. You can find Tilo at or contact him via