Leading Culture Change with the Improvement Kata

Summary and Objectives

As you work to spread the Toyota Kata thinking pattern into the culture of your organization, you are changing the normal patterns of interaction. Sometimes this can create stress, conflict, and resistance.


In this experiential we will explore and experiment with ways you can apply the Improvement Kata to:

– Grasp the current condition of the organizational dynamics, including your own role.

– Establish target conditions around the impact you are making as a change agent.

-Identify obstacles and structure experiments to learn how you can best influence the organization.

Group Facilitator

Mark Rosenthal has been teaching and leading continuous improvement across diverse industries, including heavy industry, consumer products, process industries and the service sector for over 20 years. Today he is an independent consultant to companies who are striving to shape their internal culture to drive improvement every day. Mark shares what he is learning on theleanthinker.com.

Craig Stritar since being introduced to lean over a decade ago, Craig Stritar has been working in industries ranging from healthcare to production and distribution; at one point even leaving the safety of land to introduce “lean at sea” on an Alaskan factory trawler. Like many other practitioners, for the past several years, Craig has focused almost exclusively on organizational cultural transformation through daily learning cycles (Toyota Kata and TWI). He is presently the Director of Operations Improvement at Meritus Health in western Maryland.