Who’s on first?  The Vital Importance of a Shepherding / Advance Group

Summary and Objectives

Business management systems are, at best, fragile and difficult to sustain, assuming they exist at all. Market and technological changes and staff turnover in organizations create entropy (degradation to old natural chaotic firefighting) that constantly works to erode the systems upon which organizations rely for management and improvement. Organizations also are challenged to constantly align the work of individuals to the system, and typically turn to command-and-control cultures, believing directives beat leadership direction, motivation, instruction, and engagement. For some enlightened organizations, however, Toyota Kata has become the means to confront entropy and break free of directives. What we are learning are both pitfalls and springboards to successful deployments.


Brandon Brown,is Owner, Founder, and Eternal Learner of Continuous Coaching Commitment, LLC and delivers tangible and sustainable continuous improvement results as a Toyota Kata, TWI, and Lean Coach. He has taught Toyota Kata and TWI workshops both “in company” and open formats nationally at Cloyes Gear Company, Nice-Pak, Baptist Memorial Health Care, Bryan Health and at Nike Footwear and Apparel in Vietnam, Stockholm, University of Gent, Belgium, Ansbach University in Stuttgart, Germany, DMC Consulting in Prague, IPA Consulting in Slovakia, and Expitris Worldwide in Kuala Lumpur, and The Philippines.  Prior to starting his own coaching company, he was Regional Operations Manager for three mfg. facilities in the Eastern Region Central States Mfg., serving 17 states. He has a Master of Science in Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, as well as a Professional Engineers license in Arkansas. Brandon’s most important positions & job titles will always be Husband to his FIRST WIFE of 26-1/2 years, Leigh Ann, and a Dad to his two sons, Ethan and Chase Brown.