Kata Across the Manufacturing Extension Partnership – MEP National Network

Summary and Objectives

The mission of the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) is to strengthen and empower small and medium-sized manufacturers (SMMs) who make up 99% of U.S. manufacturers. The National Network is comprised of more than 1,300 technical experts in almost 400 locations, supported by nearly 2,100 service providers offering products, technical expertise and services that address the critical needs of their local manufacturers.

The network has realized several hundred kata related projects and will be  deploying a standardized training program across the MEP National Network. A team of four MEP Centers have designed a program called “Kata in a Box”. The team will be delivering the program in a “trainer-the -trainer” format across interested MEP Centers throughout 2020 – 2021.

In this session you will learn

  • How the MEP is deploying Kata across its National Network.
  • How the Network will be able to take the training to its clients
  • How the Network will share best practices

Jeff Kopenitz, with 36 years of deep industry experience in consulting, instructing, mentoring and coaching Jeff is a respected business partner.

Prior to joining the IMC, Jeff worked with IMC’s sister center DVIRC as the lead for their Operational Excellence Lean Enterprise practice. Jeff has served in multiple capacities in the private sector—including Manufacturing Engineer, Quality Manager, Plant Manager, Director of Customer Support, and Director of Operations—for companies such as Stanley Tool and GE Medical Systems. Jeff is the AME’s Mid-Atlantic Regional President and is an adjunct instructor at Jefferson University.