Practicing Mindfully


Summary and Objectives

The Five Coaching Kata Questions are elegant and powerful.  They help reveal our understanding, our expectations, and our learning.  They help us get better at seeing our knowledge thresholds and at knowing our mind and the assumptions it constantly makes.  For the presenter, practicing the Kata led to an interest in exploring mindfulness as another way to get to know how the mind works.  This mini-keynote will share her experiences with how practicing mindfulness has supported her Kata practice and helped to bring a greater self-awareness and a sense of delight to her roles as both learner and coach.

In this session you will learn …

  • How the qualities of mindfulness are a part of Kata practice
  • Ways to deliberately practice mindfulness
  • Examples of how practicing can create the space for insight, especially at times when we get stuck

Amy Mervak is the Chief Quality and Compliance Officer for Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan (HCSWM).  She introduced Lean principles to the organization in 2010. As a member of HCSWM’s senior leadership team and the internal Lean expert, Amy has worked to make Lean practices part of the organization’s fabric.  Most recently, she has introduced the implementation and practice of Toyota Kata.

Amy has used Lean principles in many strategic initiatives, including the creation and management of a home-based palliative care program accomplished in partnership with a regional hospital system.  She earned her Master of Public Health degree from Yale University.  Amy is also a jazz pianist with a deep love for improvisational music and has played in small groups and big bands.