Get Better Jump Start: Kaizen Done Kata Style

Summary and Objectives

Get Better Jump Start is a new improvement methodology that combines the energy and multi-disciplinary focus of a Kaizen event with the scientific thinking and learning pattern of Improvement Kata.  This is designed to “jump start” improvement efforts, moving you forward in time by 3-4 months than traditional daily Kata.

In this session you will learn

  • How and why we created Get Better Jump Start
  • When to use Get Better Jump Start
  • How we saved our Hospital millions with Get Better Jump Start

Andrea Simpson, I am a graduate of Arkansas State University where I obtained my degree in Radiologic Sciences.  My husband, Joseph, and I have been married for 15 years and we have the most beautiful 3 year old “twins” you will ever see, Oliver and Brianna.  I enjoy a cup of coffee early in the morning before anyone wakes up and the house is quiet and if I have any spare time, you can find me running in our downtown area.

I currently serve as the Radiology Director at NEA Baptist Health System.  I am responsible for the oversight of all Radiology services in the Hospital, the Imaging Center, the NEA Clinic Medical Office Building, and 10 NEA Family Practice Clinics in North East Arkansas.  What I love about leadership is the ability to coach and inspire people. Although I have a diverse staff of radiologic technologists and nurses that call me their boss, I feel like I report to each of them as individuals.  I aspire to lead with humility, show respect every individual, and demonstrate high integrity.  Process improvement has given me the opportunity to combine the scientist in me with the passion that I have for people. Furthermore, the Baptist Management System has given me the platform to coach people to achieving their goals.

Skills: TWI-Job Instruction, TWI-Job Relations, TWI-Job Methods, Toyota Kata, Kaizen, Strategic Deployment A3, Idea Generation, Catchball, Visual Management, Huddle, Tier 1 Employee Engagement.