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The TWI Institute is your trusted resource for TWI and Toyota Kata training, certification, coaching, networking, and education for the growing community of practitioners and trainers in the manufacturing, construction, healthcare, and service industries worldwide. The TWI Institute has served  clients in North America and around the globe since 2002. TWI is delivered in many languages including Baha Malay, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Falam Chin, French, German, Spanish, Hungarian, Italian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, and Vietnamese with more in development.

Gemba Academy is the premier provider of HD-quality online lean manufacturing, lean enterprise, and six sigma training with over 600 video modules, increasing monthly. Our unique “unlimited training for everyone at one site for one price” subscription model allows organizations over any size to access world class learning. Gemba Academy is used by over 2,000 companies worldwide.

Continuous Coaching Commitment, LLC is a complete client oriented, servant leader in the deployment of Toyota Kata, Lean Trainings, Six Sigma/Lean Sigma Kaizen, and Leadership development company. We service all types of manufacturing, service, and healthcare organizations both nationally and globally. Our mission, being faith based, is to deliver tangible results in a servant leadership style of delivery. We strive daily to serve our clients by “teaching them to fish” and work ourselves out of a job.

KaiNexus empowers leading organizations in every industry to start, spread and sustain their improvement cultures. Wherever you are in your improvement journey, KaiNexus will help you take it to the next level with unprecedented visibility, communication, and standardization.

For more than 25 years, Productivity Press has developed the largest catalog available anywhere of publications and learning tools about Lean methodology, continuous improvement, and operational excellence. We are currently the premier source of authoritative information on organizational transformation.

GOAL/QPC is a leader in the world of Quality Management. GOAL/QPC’s concisely written pocket guides, known as Memory Joggers, enable people at all levels to learn and apply tools, methods, and processes that are critical to attaining world-class organizational excellence. With over 12 million copies in circulation, the Memory Joggers can be used as stand-alone learning resources and for use in a training environment. Made popular with our trademark format of “Why use it? What does it do? How do I do it?” and published in a spiral binding, users can quickly find and acquire knowledge and insight from our leading edge book content. The titles range from Toyota Kata, Continuous Improvement, Black Belt, Green Belt, Yellow Belt, and Lean Six Sigma, to ISO 9001, IATF 16949, Project Management, and Facilitation. GOAL/QPC can also customize the covers or inside pages to align with your company image and initiatives. Many of these titles are also available online in the digital Memory Jogger Library.

Create a Culture of Continuous Improvement, Adaptation, and Innovation: This practical three-day workshop taught by experts Drew Locher and Toni Benner will focus on the Improvement Kata—a routine for rapid PDCA cycles—and the Coaching Kataa routine for leaders to develop the improvement skills of others. You will have the opportunity to practice both Katas in a simulation. Together, they provide the methodology to create a culture of daily improvement.

WORLD-CLASS WORKSHOP SIMULATION: The SkillPoint for TWI Job Instruction and SkillPoint for Toyota Kata workshops use the world-class simulation created by Toyota to teach the Toyota Production System to GM employees during the NUMMI years (joint venture between Toyota and GM). It’s complex, chaotic at times, with production pressures, allowing you to experience how TWI JI and Kata can be practiced in the flow of production. Learn how to think and act in a lean / continuous improvement environment with the world’s most realistic simulation… so real, you may be eligible for wages and benefits!

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