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Can you successfully fold the
“My Experiments” Kata Zine?

What is a “Zine”?  It’s a “mini magazine,” and in this case, a very USEFUL one! This year’s Zine is an Experimenting Record for practicing planning and tracking your experiments, AND it fits in your pocket. Download the Kata zine (downloading works best), print, fold, and cut the zine using the instructions below.  Bring your Zine with you if you’ll be joining us in San Diego at February’s Kata Summit!




New Zine Selfies
Have Arrived!

Email Jaclyn a selfie
with THIS YEAR’S Zine!


You can still download
the original Kata Zine below…



Zine Folding Instructions
Below you will find both a video and step-by-step text instructions.

1Place your zine on a flat surface.thumbmedspacer (2)
2Then crease the sheet along the two main directions (by folding it in half then opening it, once for each direction):Zinemaking-folding-8cut-1.pngspacer (2)
3Now make another pair of creases, with the effect of dividing the long direction into quarters:Zinemaking-folding-8cut-2.pngspacer (2)
4Then unfold again, fold in half, and make a cut with scissors as shown – you should be cutting through two thicknesses of paper, but only as far as those quarter-folds you just made:Zinemaking-folding-8cut-3.pngspacer (2)
5Open it out again. The resulting page should have a cut in its center, a bit like this:111spacer (2)
6Fold it in half along the long direction, such that all your pages are still on the outside:222spacer (2)
7Now push it inwards from each end, so that the inner bit pushes out in both directions to make a kind of cross-shape. Fold the resulting pages together so that your front page is outmost:333spacer (2)
8And there you have it, a little Kata zine of 8 pages that needs no stapling or gluing (front and back pictured). zinecoversspacer (2)
spacer (2)spacer (2)